Bisu have developed a smart urine analyser device to help people streamline their diet and get the most from their bodies.
2 iPhones showing Reports and Trends screens of Bisu app
I worked directly with the founding team to develop a prototype iOS app which syncs with the device, delivering test data directly to the user.
6 iPhones showing various onboarding screens of Bisu app
The app's onboarding screens guide the user through setting up their device, specifying their current goals, diet and other basic details.
2 iPhones showing Recommendations screens of Bisu app
After the user has received their recommendations, they're able to view further detail on what diet changes they should make, along with specifics of how the recommendations were determined. 
iPhone showing Know-how screen of Bisu app
The Know-how section provides the user with access to article, video and podcast content by industry experts.
Working Process
User flow diagram for Bisu UX (user experience)
After getting a good understanding of what we needed to achieve with the app, I put together user flow diagrams, which helped us to refer back to and ensure we were keeping the user's goals in mind throughout the design process.
Low-detail wireframes for UX (user experience) of Bisu app
Following this, we designed low-detail wireframes, showing the basic detail on each screen of the app, which we used to do some initial user testing with.
Higher-detail wireframes for UX (user experience) of Bisu app
We then used that feedback to move on to higher-detail wireframes, focusing more on the specific interactions the user would have in the app. We then tested again before moving into more detailed visual design.
2 iPhones showing lighter visual style of Bisu app
A lighter visual style was also explored, although ultimately, following user testing, the slicker, dark theme appealed more to our target audience of high-level and elite athletes.
image of bisu device

Photo by Eat Creative

The Bisu device is small and compact, and after the stick with the urine sample is inserted, sends the user's data to their app within two minutes.

Together, we have been doing multiple rounds of user tests and design iterations, working toward a public beta in Q1, 2020.

"Trent helped us transform a boring and lackluster app design into something customers can get excited about. He is a calm, clear and responsive communicator, who is not afraid to challenge the client to avoid over-engineering or getting lost in the details, and making sure we added features the customer was asking for, not ones we thought would be good. He's been a pleasure to work with and we'll continue to do so going forward! Highly recommended."​​​​​​​

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