Activaid is a community which allows individual patients to directly contribute to medical advancement, while helping them to connect with others with similar illnesses.
Activaid app shown on an iPhone
I have been involved from an early stage, working directly with the founder and engineering team to interview patients, determine their pain points and desires, and design an experience to help them meet their needs.
2 Android phones showing data screens of Activaid app
The user can view their own data, along with that of other patients, helping them to understand trends, and compare their own condition with that of others.
Android phone showing timeline screen of Activaid app
We discovered that patients of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which we initially decided to focus on), don’t have many chances to meet others with the same disease, and so they have found the chance to interact with others, both through the platform, as well as at events we have organised, extremely valuable.
6 Android phones showing various onboarding screens of Activaid app
We help the patient get set up and ready to go through a series of simple onboarding screens, where we present them with a single question at a time.
Activaid data input screen shown on an iPhone X
Through the app, both web and Android PWA (Progressive Web App), patient users can input their symptom data and track it over time, which also helps during the interactions with their physicians.
iPad and Android phone showing hospital views of Activaid app
We also interviewed patients, physicians and other medical experts, in order to develop a system allowing patients to connect with their physicians to allow for better care, and streamlined healthcare experiences.
iPad and Android phone showing Activaid landing page designs
I designed a simple landing page introducing the service and the company, which also includes testimonials from patients, physicians and investors.
Working Process
User flow diagram for Activaid UX (user experience)
We put a lot of energy into interviewing patients, which helped us to determine their pain points and desires.
2 Android phones showing wireframes for Activaid app
We put together user flows, wireframes and interactive prototypes, before moving onto visual design, to help keep the design and development process quick and lean.
Various exploration designs for Activaid brand
Some of the initial digital and print work I designed when doing some explorations into the brand identity.

Other Projects

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